04 May, 2006

Les bassoons de l'Opera

This is the bassoon ensemble of the Paris Opera House featuring (as far as I know) Gilbert Audin and Laurent Lefevre
Amazing playing by these french virtuosi.

Les Bassoons de l'Opera

  • Fritz Kreisler: Tambourin Chinois

  • Pablo de Sarasate: Zapateado
  • Klaus Thunemann

    I have some time today, so there is one more.
    The legendary Klaus Thunemann. Here playing Vivaldi's G major concerto RV 492

    1st mov: Allegro non molto
  • Antonio Vivaldi _concerto in G, RV 492-I-Allegro non molto

  • 2nd mov: Largo
  • Antonio Vivaldi _concerto in G, RV 492-II-Largo

  • 3rd mov: Allegro
  • Antonio Vivaldi _concerto in G, RV 492-III-Allegro
  • Gilbert Audin

    Here is the amazing Gilbert Audin, Principal at the Opera de Paris and teacher at the Conservatoire in the same city.
    Jean Françaix concerto is indeed one of the most difficult pieces ever writen for our instrument and he sure does a great job. It seems so easy!!!

    1st mov: Allegro
  • Jean Françaix concerto I-Allegro

  • 2nd mov: Scherzando
  • Jean Françaix concert II- Scherzando

  • 3rd mov: Andantino
  • Jean Françaix concerto III-Andantino

  • 4th mov: Allegrissimo
  • Jean Françaix concerto IV-Allegrissimo
  • 02 May, 2006

    Gustavo Nunez Bassoon - Brescianello

    Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello (1690-1757) Concerto a 5
    Sorry everyone (everyone??? who is everyone???) I've been working a lot lately (we have a serial killer out there and I have to take care of the bodies).
    Here is a concerto for violin, bassoon and strings by Brecianello.
    Bassoon - Gustavo Nunez
    Violin - Walter Forschert
    Orchestra- Lukas Consort
    I bought it some 13 years ago during a trip to Germany.
    The young lad (back then) happens to be principal bassoon with the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam at the moment.
    Listen to it. It's quite good.
    Comments wwwelcome!!!

    1st mov: Allegro
  • Brescianello Concerto, I-Allegro

  • 2nd mov: Adagio
  • Brescianello Concerto, II-Adagio

  • 3rd mov: Allegro
  • Brescianello Concerto, III-Allegro
  • 26 April, 2006

    Hello everyone

    This is a new blog blog about bassoon.
    I'll be posting bassoon music samples as much as I can, but be patient; I have work to do sometimes and can't sit in front of my computer.